Facebook and Yahoo Partnership to Take on Internet Giant Google?

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Facebook and Yahoo Partnership to Take on Internet Giant Google?

Will Yahoo and Facebook Take on Internet Giant Google?

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How else could one take the talk about social giant Facebook and once-upon-a-time search giant Yahoo joining forces, other than to see what a combined effort from the two may bring: which would be a definite competitor to Google, something that has appeared may never happen. So just where’s this “talk” stemming from? According to sources that spoke with The Sunday Telegraph, Marissa Mayer, chief executive of Yahoo!, has held discussions with Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer, about how the two companies can work more closely together.

A Facebook and Yahoo partnership isn’t too far fetched, since it wouldn’t be the first time these two internet moguls had collaborated together. They have worked closely on a number of small projects, including Yahoo! news on Facebook, and recently they agreed to settle a number of long-standing lawsuits over patents. Board members expect these talks to lead to an even closer relationship though, one base around web-based search.

Facebook has also been recently heard saying that it has plans to boost their web search facility. In fact, founder Mark Zuckerberg noted that his social network is “pretty uniquely positioned to answer the questions people have”. This would definitely help Facebook with its latest problems involving advertisements on their network, allowing them to incorporate advertising more efficiently.

How though would Yahoo! benefit from a partnership with Facebook? If you recall, years ago Yahoo! was the search giant and Google (Googol) was an unheard of and unused word that was a mathematical term for a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Perhaps things could now switch back into Yahoo!’s favor with the onslaught of the  enormous 1 billion and growing Facebook users.

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Ties That Bind

There may be a glitch though in this plan of Facebook and Yahoo partnership, and that is just what Yahoo! intends to do about their 2009, 10 year contract with Microsoft’s Bing search engine to power all of Yahoo!’s search results. This seemed like a great plan at that time as it would allow Yahoo! to focus on its advertising. However, due to some problems with algorithms and Microsofts inability to attract the right “math geeks”, Bing did not turn out to be competition to Google that many, including Yahoo! thought it would.

Can this union work? Many speculate that if  Ms Mayer (Yahoo! CEO and a  former employee of Google), and Ms Sandberg (Facebook CEO who is also a former Google executive) do work together that their combined might will indeed  launch a serious competitor.

Can a Facebook and Yahoo Partnership Really Happen?

Only time will tell, especially as we wait to see if Yahoo! can actually end their deal with Microsoft. Perhaps with Facebook on its side it’s something that can be done. Yahoo has had other troubles that may also be fixed by an alliance with Facebook. Recruiting top-tier computer programmers has long been a major issue for Yahoo!, in the past two years alone it has fired a string of chief executives.

What we do know is that an alliance between Facebook and Yahoo! would definitely post a threat to Google, and it could change the hierarchy of the world’s biggest technology companies. What do you think? Would a Facebook and Yahoo partnership be of any threat to Google, or do you think Google is just too good at what it does, and will never fall? Keep reading TheHighTechSoceity.com Tech News for an update on this story, or join our RSS feed to have our news delivered to your email each morning.

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