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Atoms Express Building Blocks – Easy to Assemble Mechanical Toys


Atoms Express Building Blocks – Easy to Assemble Mechanical Toys

Most of us have owned some pretty cool toys at one point or another, and with Lego inventions including robotics, buildable machines, and computer programs and games, kids today seem to have the coolest toys in the history of the planet. But one company, Atoms Express, aims to create something cooler, a high tech toy that is easy to assemble, fun to play with, and yet still inspires creativity and learning. Atoms Express is now in the process of creating their own ATOMS, unique building block toys with a range of purposes, and the ability to be easily put together and played with right out of the box.

Atoms Express Building Blocks

Mechanical Building Blocks Available – But Not Easy To Play With

Currently, there are many toys similar to the ones now being designed by ATOMS Express. Lego Mindstorms and Lego DUPLO are even being used in the learning environment as an easier way to understand and develop mechanics and science skills. But the truth is, these toys are neither affordable, nor convenient. Many Lego machines can take hours to build, require following complex instructions, and usually installing software via a computer, not really something that the average child can do on their own.  The mechanical building blocks ATOMS aim to fill that gap with an easy to assemble mechanical toy that kids can play with as easily as they would play with a non-electrical toy.

How do ATOMS Work?

Atoms Express is currently building 13 modules of mechanical building blocks which will become their first releases. The modules can then be fitted together, attached to other toys such as Lego bricks, dolls, and even fabric, and connected to a variety of toys and household items so that kids can truly work with their creativity and imagination.

The first 13 modules include a motor, light sensor, sound module, knob module, battery brick, splitter, IR laser, IR target, LED, Flip Flop, accelerometer, exploding brick, and iOS control brick which can be accessed via BlueTooth. The ATOMS mechanical toys can then be assembled into a variety of shapes and structures using either nothing more than the toys, or paired with Legos to create other objects, such as a moveable crane, or a garage with an opening door.  Each Atoms Express building block can be used for a variety of different creations, and can be worked into nearly everything.

Founder and inventor Michael Rosenblatt (of Apple) hopes to create toys that challenge imaginations and creativity, and help to teach kids basic motor skills and science, hopefully with some problem solving skills developed along the way.

ATOMS Express Toys

While Atoms Express toys are not yet for sale, interested buyers can still visit their Kickstarter page and go through the donations. Many of the options are still available, and some of them come with some pretty nice incentives in the form of Atoms Express building blocks and kits after production is launched. In fact, for the savvy investor, donating now could save as much as 50% off of the purchase price when the ATOMS are actually released for sale, and the toys will be shipped right to you. Donations are still being accepted until the end of the year in $5-$10,000 increments.  ATOMS Express actually reached their $100,000 goal on the 12th of December, but any further donations are sure to be put to good use, such as developing new modules, or marketing the toys.

What Can You Use ATOMS Building Blocks For?

Currently there are a few pre-organized sets of ATOMS building blocks including a Spinning Magic Wand, a Prank Set (with Exploding Brick), a Monster Set, and an iOS Control Set. Later there will of course be more sets, but for now, these four will be available for purchase as toys for kids, or adults who want to see what they can do. Prices will range from $25 for the Prank Set to $250 for collection, and Atoms Express is already in the process of arranging for production, shipment, and sale.