Technology in Schools – A Growing Trend in 2014

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Technology in Schools – A Growing Trend in 2014

Technology in Schools – A Growing Trend in 2014

Technology has been a steadily growing force in the world of education for the last five to ten years, but in 2013, it could see a dramatic growth spurt. With new technologies, and new deals with tech companies, school kids could soon find themselves with more and more gadgets on their hands. Plus, with more STEM programs introduced into schools around the world, technology in education is quickly growing. The ‘technology gap’ has been a phenomenon for quite some time, but it looks like it will be closing faster than ever in the next year. The technology gap is the idea that technology in the world is much further advanced than technology in schools, mainly because of the cost and expense of purchasing new things in schools.


One Laptop Per Child

There are a number of programs designed to introduce tablets and computers to kids in the classroom, but none are quite so ambitious as the one laptop per child program. This program, which has debuted an Android based XO Learning tablet wants to give every student a tablet or laptop for learning. Other similar programs include an LA Unified based program that just made a deal with Apple to hand out iPads to students (a deal worth $30 million), and numerous other smaller programs aimed at specific schools. The result is that over the next year to two years, we could see nearly everyone in schools being given a tablet or laptop. While not exceedingly new, there are more and more programs of this type coming out, meaning that more students will get technology to learn.

Digital Learning

Technology in Schools - A Growing Trend in 2014

Digital learning is seeing a definite growth curve, mainly through apps and computer programs. One program, known as Speed Learning, introduces courses in 15 minute sessions, and reinforces those lessons in later 15 minute sessions. The idea is to teach without allowing the student to become bored. Digital learning introduces a number of more fun and interesting ways to learn, including game based learning, and interactive text books. While e-learning on its own is proven to be less successful than classroom learning, a combination of classroom and digital has shown to be more effective than either. Digital learning allows teachers to pool classroom resources for electronics rather than books and pencils, and teaches children valuable technology skills that they can use later in life.

Interactive Whiteboards

Technology in Schools - A Growing Trend in 2014

Interactive whiteboards have been a semi-common technology for some time now but now they are working their way into classrooms of all ages. These whiteboards, which are similar to ‘blackboards’ are computer controlled and allow students to interact with the data on the board. Essentially, they allow students to do everything from math to play games on a whiteboard, and then get immediate interactivity to help with the learning process.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Technology in Schools - A Growing Trend in 2014

With more and more schools integrating STEM projects for children of all ages, there is a steady but important increase in the number of students capable of taking on jobs in these fields. More schools are starting to integrate computer based coding, basic science, and engineering to prek-12 students, and mostly with remarkable results.
While technology is steadily growing in schools around the globe, it’s still not quite where it should be. Technology helps to increase interest, increase learning, and sometimes increase the value of what is learned.

What do you think? Is technology in schools expanding? What are some of the new things you are looking forward to in the classroom?

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