These Sticky Flash Drives Make Post-It Notes Smart

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These Sticky Flash Drives Make Post-It Notes Smart

These Sticky Flash Drives Make Post-It Notes Smart

What if you could pick up a post it note off of your desk or computer, pop it in your USB drive and get all of the information you need from it? A New Dheli based company known as ASDS wants you to be able to do just that, which is where their new product, DataStickies comes in. These USB drives are literally paper thin, writable, and come in 4 to 32 GB flash drive sizes. So you can write a note down, transfer data to it, and sticky it to your computer monitor to remember later. Unfortunately, and so far they’re just a concept, so while you may have been shaking the pennies loose from your wallet, they aren’t up for sale yet, but they might be soon.


What are DataStickies?

DataStickies, as introduced above, are a USB flash drive version of a post it note. A thin, sticky filament with a USB compatible plug on one end. A durable graphene construction and a sticky backing allows you to stick and restick your stickies, and then unstick them to read the data. They come in multiple colors, are stackable, and capable of being written and rewritten, labelled, and stuck anywhere. What are the possibilities? You could organize your work notes with the information to go with it, receive assignments (school or work) via a sticky note, make reminders more informative, or even use your digital notes on a book as part of the book. If you think about it, the possibilities are pretty much endless.


How Do They Work?

While conceptual, DataStickies won the Red Dot Design 2014 Award, which is one of the most prestigious design awards out there, which means that they are designed quite well. The concept utilizes a multi-layer design based on two protective layers, a thin layer of conductive Graphene, and a USB compatible port, which looks to be as paper thin as the rest. Because Graphene can be used as storage, and can be printed as thick or thin as is needed, it would make this sort of drive possible. As you may know, a paper thin sheet of Graphene has actually been proven to carry more data than a standard traditional drive, which means that yes, this sticky note flash drive is not only possible, it’s in the very near future. Graphene, as you may know, is a honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms that can be created in a spiral, or flat shape. The results can be and are quite cool.


So When Can We Buy It?

While graphene is something of a ‘miracle’ material, the truth is that it is extremely expensive and difficult to manufacture. Therefore, if DataStickies were to hit the market right now, you might not be able to afford them. Instead, there are hundreds of labs around the world, but especially in the UK, currently working on better, more stable, and more affordable graphene production. When that science is completed, technologies like DataStickies will become not the fantastical, but the norm.

Plus, while we’re going for advanced technology micro-thin USB flash drives, why not go for the gold? What if you added in NFC technology so you can wirelessly share data from your drive to your phone or tablet, without a USB?

What do you think? Would you use DataStickies? Or do you prefer to stick with our somewhat clunkier USB flash drives that are (slightly) harder to loose? As for us, we’re definitely

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