Kuratas: Battle Mech Robot Come to Life

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Kuratas: Battle Mech Robot Come to Life

Kuratas: Battle Mech Robot Come to Life

Want a robot that you can wear? While it won’t make you a transformer, Kuratas is certainly a pretty big step in the right direction. The robot is 13 feet high and designed as a battle mech robot that you can literally wear and control from inside of the robot. Added to the fact that you can have actual real weapons, and nifty things like an iPhone and cup holder, the only thing preventing everyone in the world from ordering one is the price tag, $1.4 million.


The Design

Kuratas designer Kogoro Kurata says that his concept for Kuratas was nothing other than the fact that no one had built one yet. As a steel working blacksmith with an obvious love of robots and an affinity for electronics, Kogoro began his project by basing the robot on the ones in an animated series called Votoms.


The current prototype of Kuratas can walk at 10 kilometers per hour, includes a Gatling gun, and weighs 4.9 tons! While being heavy enough to shake the foundations of your average bridge, he also runs on diesel, which means that anyone tromping around the neighborhood in their robot suit can simply stop by the local gas station instead of heading home for more batteries.

Inside, Kuratas uses a Microsoft Kinect sensor and glove to control his movements, he can be programmed to fire off guns when the wearer smiles, or lifts a pinky, and mostly moves and operates using hydraulics and wheels. Overall, Kuratas is a very impressive design.


Best of all, if you don’t feel like sitting inside of Kuratas, you can control him with your iPhone using a piloting app developed for the purpose.  And while Kuratas is being marketed as a toy, there are many people speculating that the robot might really become ‘Iron Man’ with a few updates and a lighter build. While not likely to be seen on the battlefield anytime soon, Kuratas is certainly an easy way to turn one man into a moving, if slow, tank.

Built to Order Wearable Robot


Kogoro has listed Kuratas in a build to order format on his website. You can start off by customizing colors (baby pink is okay) and then go on to add everything from leather seating to Lohas Launchers and 6,000 round per minute Gatling guns. Despite the weaponry that can come attached, Kogoro insists that his mecha is for entertainment only and is really just a big toy.  So far he’s had more than 3,000 orders, all of which have been cancelled when the buyers realized they weren’t participating in a joke.

At the end of the day, Kuratas is quite possibly one of the coolest things ever built. As 4 ton robots go, he’s fast, dangerous, and a lot of fun to play around with or even watch if you don’t happen to have the 1.35 million in cash required to buy your own.

What would you do with your very own Kuratas Robot?

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  1. Dennis Berry says:

    I’ve always wanted my very own robot, but something tells me the wife wouldn’t let me have one of these 🙂